Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Grand Opening Giveaway!

So, Loozy Lou is brand new! I only have a few items for sale right now, but I promise, I have many ideas and more crafts to bring to the table. I'm just taking it slow to start out and doing one thing at a time! I am planning on stuff for kids, like personalized shirts and onesies, more cute accessories for you and your kids, and anything else I can come up with! I'm going to sell everything through my Etsy shop, so make sure you look there too!
A little about me - 
My husband and I have been married for four years, and we have two wonderful kids, a three year old little girl and a 3 month old little boy. They are our world! My husband got his Bachelor's degree last year and has decided he would like to go to graduate school to get his law degree. We are moving from our home (the same home I've had all my life) in the next month or so. For any of you who have attended school, you know exactly how poor students are. Being a stay at home Mom, I want/need to do something to help out. So this is my way of helping out! 
 I'm sure you're wondering what the name Loozy Lou is all about, so here's a little background. 

My Great Grandma Della always called her grand daughters different nicknames. She called most of us Dolly, Birdy or Dolly Bird. She called my Mom Loozy Lou, or just Loozy. She passed away two years ago. When I think of my Grandma Della, I think of playing her player piano in the basement, her telling us to go get a treat from the cookie jar as soon as we walked in the door, watching the 4th of July parades in the front yard, her tree swing, her laugh, and the way she played with the babies! She loved babies, and they loved her. She always bounced them on her lap and sang "Doodly doodly doo dee doo!" 
Her and Great Grandpa were always so sweet and loving and kind. We all miss them both. Even though they are gone, and their house is gone, we still have all the great memories! I don't think any of us can forget the way she sounded when she called us Dolly or Loozy Lou. 

SO, in honor of Grandma Della and Loozy Lou, I'm doing a Grand Opening Giveaway!

All you have to do to enter is put my button on your blog and then leave a comment. 
I will choose a random winner and announce it on Tuesday, June 1st at 7:00 p.m.
The winner will get these:

Rosebud earrings in the color of their choice. Make sure you visit Merch Options at the top to see your choices! 

Thanks for reading, happy commenting, and be sure to come back soon!



  1. THESE ARE ADORABLE! Just what I need for this summer!

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  3. I LOVE all of your stuff!! It is so cute!!!!

  4. Oh Joni :) I love all these things! The button is FOR SURE going on my BLOGS!

  5. A hidden talent I didn't know about. So cute!

  6. So So So cute! You are really talented!

  7. How amazing are you?! I can't wait to see all your brilliant creations! :) I hope I win these, *fingers crossed* they are AWESOME!

  8. I need these to go with the cute rings I got from ya...that I love!

  9. cute! i got your button...i'm glad you're doing this- because i always love the stuff you make but i'm too lazy to make them myself :)

  10. Very cute! Your button is now on my blog. :)

  11. Hello! Didn't know this was you doing this! I actually have a second to do some fun blogging and am so excited to promote you!! Love them all! so cute! (I'm posting about it and adding your button!)